Protection of human rights and the environment

The JOACHIM LOH UNTERNEHMENSGRUPPE has been committed to its corporate responsibility since the company was founded in 1947 and is committed to social and environmental issues.

JOACHIM LOH UNTERNEHMENSGRUPPE GmbH has now adopted a declaration of principles in which it sets out its strategy for protecting human rights and the environment within the Group and formulates its expectations regarding respect for human rights and the environment towards its employees and business partners. The declaration of principles describes how the companies in the JOACHIM LOH GROUP comply with their legal obligations to protect human rights and the environment in detail and which risks they pay particular attention to due to their business activities.  

The JOACHIM LOH GROUP has set up a Whistleblower system that can be used to report (possible) violations of human rights and environmental regulations if these (possible) violations have been committed by companies in the JOACHIM LOH GROUP or their suppliers.

The Whistleblower system was set up in accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), which will apply to the JOACHIM LOH GROUP from January 1, 2024. The aim of the Whistleblower system is to give the companies of the JOACHIM LOH GROUP the opportunity to take measures against imminent human rights and environmental violations through your information and complaints before people or the environment are actually harmed (preventive measures). If a violation of human rights or environmental regulations has already occurred, the Whistleblower system helps, where possible, to prevent further violations of the same kind or to minimize the consequences of damage (remedial measures).

You can view our policy statement here.
You can access the Whistleblower system here.